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Hardware Warehouse


Pickey's warehouse Next-gen picking solution​ Efficiency

  • Actions made with free hands

  • Single Action to scan/pick items

  • Protecting hand ergonomics


Human Accuracy

  • Enforcing a match between scanned and picked items

  • Detecting all actions

  • Identifying the place of item release


Computer Vision & AI

  • Real time stock indication

  • Warehouse/store planogram

  • Proof of delivery

Hand Vision is the next generation of Warehouse picking solutions.

Solutions: Warehouses


Spanning the entire cycle from order to delivery.

Enabled by Picky only

  • No Missing items in delivery

  • Free exit - self checkout solution

  • Data - store planogram

  • Out of store management and supervision


Human Accuracy

  • Accuracy: matching reported/picked items

  • Multi cart picking

  • Efficiency: no scanning, no checkout

  • Minimum labor training

Shopping Cart
Solutions: Groceries


Supporting workers performing machines assembly and machines
remote services Enabled by Picky only

  • Documentation and enforcement of procedures
    for machine assembly.

  • Reduction of errors within the assembly process.

  • Seamless documentation of support actions at remote sites.

  • Enforcement of manuals and procedures during remote
    support session.

  • Improvement of manuals and SOPs (standard operations procedures).

Solutions: Hospitals
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